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Aug 26, 2021

My Account 2.0 Gets Better with Transfer After Event Start Time

You've been asking for it, and you've got it. In My Account 2.0, ticket transfers can occur AFTER the event starts.

As fans/patrons return to your venues, let's help them enjoy the best experience possible. They can initiate (and accept) a ticket transfer anytime. Whether minutes after kickoff or at intermission, they can send and receive a mobile ticket into their phone and wallet - no need to worry about the clock.

They also have more time to accept the ticket transfer - 7 days!

There's no action required on your part. Both of these enhancements have been deployed for all of you on My Account 2.0. We are thrilled to help you deliver more convenience and better customer service for your fans and patrons. With a digital ticket management platform like My Account 2.0, we strive together toward the goal of 1 person = 1 ticket.

Any questions about these upgrades? Head over to PAC Community