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Oct 16, 2019

Easy Ticket Transfer, Digital Wallet Integration and Upcoming Events added to New Mobile “My Account” Page

eVenue’s mobile “My Account” page has a fresh new look and enhanced self-serve features that fans and tickets offices alike will love.



Fans visiting their account pages are now welcomed by a list of their upcoming ticketed events. They can tap on an event to view their tickets and save them to their Apple or Google Pay wallets.


Saving tickets to digital wallets allows them to be accessible even without cellular or wi-fi service. If necessary, event details such as start times can be updated as well. 










Bowling Green Delivers Students Full Season Tickets Before Kick-off



BGSU Athletics, a beta user of the new My Account Page, has gone digital for all student tickets and no longer swipes student ID’s.  BGSU's free student season tickets are added to all student accounts prior to the season.  


With the new display, the students can log in to their online accounts in August and see their tickets for every game of the season.


This year, BGSU Athletics sent students an explanatory email introducing the process to register their online accounts and view tickets for upcoming events. They also put together a student ticketing guide and had a star player explain the process in a social media video.




Easy Mobile Transfers



Fans can now transfer tickets to friends and family via text message.


If one person buys multiple tickets on behalf of a group, he or she can send each person in the group their own ticket.


This can be done all at once, entering multiple phone numbers before tapping submit.











Transfer recipients are notified instantly via text message. They click on a link in the message to retrieve their tickets.


This isn’t just convenient, it is also a data win for the venue. As fans become less anonymous, venues can better personalize their experience while also collecting information and trends to sell to them in the future.  





For more information about the  enhanced My Account page available in Pac Platform, please contact your Client Partner or Ecommerce Operations Specialist.