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Feb 22, 2021

New: Timed Entry!

You may have heard the rumors. You may have attended our Learning Center Series (LCS) on this feature, where we said, “Coming Soon.” We are proud to announce that Timed Entry is now available to all!

Timed Entry reduces lines and overcrowding, improves patron experience, and makes events safer by controlling inflow. By staggering entry, venues can implement social distancing guidelines by setting entry times and/or entry locations based on the section/row the seats are located. 

Your patrons see the time and/or location information on digital tickets and updates automatically once added to digital wallets. Timed Entry leverages the Connected Ticket technology, allowing automatic updates to mobile tickets via the phone’s digital wallet. Enabling is as easy as uploading a spreadsheet with the desired event, seat section, entry time, and entry location information into PacLive. 

“Could not have been more seamless,” says Holdyn Halperin, University of Miami Athletics, who was part of the Early Access program. 

“Simply took the previous game, updated the times and event, uploaded it; everything took 5 seconds. I easily verified the data, sent some test tickets, and immediately displayed a timed entry update.” 

Ready to implement Timed Entry? You will need PacLive, a spreadsheet, and Connected Tickets enabled. For more information, please see the How-To and FAQs at Pac Community.