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May 31, 2018

NJSO Launches PURL

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra launched a reengagement campaign for unrenewed subscribers utilizing its first Personalized URLs (PURL) in late March. NJSO saw a 34% unique open rate on this personalized email. On the very first day, NJSO had 31 patrons interact with their Personalized URLs. By the end of week one, nearly 100 patrons had enjoyed their customized pages. With this PURL, NJSO achieved 240 tickets sold in 113 total transactions, culminating in more than $50,000 in revenue.

The renewal PURL campaign was very well received by NJSO subscribers, who appreciated seeing the exact concerts in their renewal package, their exclusive subscriber benefits and other customized information specific to their renewal all in one place. It was great to work with the folks in Paciolan’s marketing team, who made this advanced personalized content digital campaign possible! —Geoffrey Anderson, NJSO Director of Digital Marketing