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Aug 4, 2020

Oklahoma Leverages Data-Driven Campaigns to Drive Revenue

Rich data is the key to understanding your fans and creating effective marketing campaigns. An exciting opportunity exists to leverage 3rd party data to create customer personas, or segments, within your database.

This process allows you to target these personas with personalized marketing campaigns to drive ticket sales and donations through Paciolan marketing channels.

blog_ou-dataDrivenCampaigns-body.jpgThese campaigns can be activated through a variety of ways:

  • Target fans who “look like” your ticket buyers but are not currently in your database.
    • This is accomplished by building precise lookalike modeling and identifying similar audiences via Google and Facebook to target ticket sales or donations.
      • A best practice is to leverage lead generation campaigns for premium tickets/donations and drive all other sales online since it is the most efficient channel.
  • Identify fans that “look like” defined buyer personas within your database.
    • Ticket sales campaigns – Find fans who purchased multiple single tickets in the past, or purchased StubHub tickets above face value, and have high household income, then target them to become season ticket holders.
    • Donor campaigns – Identify ticket buyers in your database who have not yet donated but can give, and target them to become a donor.


Enhanced Lead Scoring Models

With marketing automation and Salesforce administration, you can also leverage customized lead scoring models to identify new season ticket holders or at-risk renewals. These models include customized scores for ticket purchase history, giving level, engagement with marketing automation, high-value web page visits, and more. By including 3rd party appended data, you have additional insights to help inform lead scoring models to prioritize customer segments. Upon creation of the lead scoring models, marketing and outbound sales campaigns can take place to drive revenue.



Oklahoma Sooners Adopt Fanbase 3rd Party Appended Data Strategy

Oklahoma athletics is the first to partner with the Paciolan marketing team to leverage Fanbase 3rd party data appends for marketing campaigns to identify opportunities and drive ticket sales. By analyzing 3rd party appended data, Oklahoma identified unique personas to target with customized campaigns to drive ticket sales for specific products:

  • South & East Club season tickets
  • Donor level season ticket holders
  • General season ticket holders
  • Express Pass

Through these targeted digital marketing campaigns powered by Pac Digital, OU generated over 700 leads for the Learfield IMG College team to nurture premium season tickets and drive online season ticket sales. In just three weeks, the campaign resulted in a $9: $1 ROAS (return on ad spend - or $9 earned for every $1 invested), showcasing the program's power even during uncertain times leading into the football season.

Going forward, Oklahoma is also leveraging 3rd party data to enrich their lead scoring model to help better identify opportunities for future ticket sales and donations. OU will also continue to utilize 3rd party data to drive additional ticket sales and donations via digital marketing campaigns for future opportunities.

authorPost by Craig Ricks, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Paciolan