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June 8, 2021

Pac Fund Dashboards are Here!

We live in a data-driven world. Yet, as data workers, we find ourselves trying to make sense of it while drowning in inefficient activities.

When handling important information like revenue and patron data, sure, Excel is a good tool. Still, many of us spend too much time on the soul-sucking part of the process: collecting, correcting, manipulating, pivoting those cells and sheets instead of on what truly matters.

Let's change that.

With new fundraising dashboards inside the Paciolan Platform, you can get the answers you must know at the top of the day. No Excel tricks are required. No need to search and prep. Simply click to see: Who has renewed? Who has not? Who has renewed at a higher level or lower level? What percentage of pledges has been scheduled? Which payments are at risk? When do I need to call?



It’s about giving you more time. As data grows exponentially, we need to use technology to do the busy work for you. On average, Development Offices spend many hours mining and prepping the data, leaving them with little time to take action with the data.

Now, imagine if those insights are ready for you with the click of a button. You spend fewer hours crunching data, giving you more time to serve your patrons and donors. In other words, flip the ratio.


“This is fantastic. Numbers for renewal percentage, level ups, things where I used to have to do an excessive amount of Excel work and pivot tables to figure out, now it does it with one hit of a refresh button.” 

Luke Kassmeyer Development Officer, Annual Giving at LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation


Paciolan’s new set of Data & Insights products give you answers at the top and allow you to drill down for more. Sometimes you simply need to see your KPIs - a glance at the most important metrics to answer someone’s question. Other times, you want a chart that you can drop into a presentation, or a table that you can download, or a deep dive into the data sets to troubleshoot.

Pac Fund Data & Insights currently feature three robust dashboards:

  1. Donation Renewal - evaluate how effective the incentive program is and where you are in renewing last year’s donors.
  2. Membership Renewals - gauge how successful the membership program is at getting and retaining members.
  3. Payment Schedule Dashboard - understand how much of your open pledge value is scheduled, how those schedules are performing, what is coming in, and when.

Collaborating with our clients makes these dashboards as useful and impactful as possible.

“This is exactly what my boss just asked for. If it makes him happy, then I'm happy.”

Nick Rushing Director of Data Analytics and Strategy at Wolfpack Club - NC State University 


"The Early Access clients worked with us since October 2020 to make sure our development is in sync with these various data needs. Collaborating with our clients allows us to identify improvements as well as blind spots,” said Kevin Willis, Paciolan’s Director of Product for Data & Insights.

Kevin is also confident in the technology infrastructure laid by the team all through last year.

"We worked hard to make sure the infrastructure will hold up well for at least ten years down the line," Kevin said.


More dashboards are coming - including ticketing!

We have a few more dashboards planned for the Fundraising/Development Departments.

“We’re not done! Fund data & insights is living and breathing. Now that the first ones are released, we’ll continue to enhance and add more,” said Kevin.

“We have also begun the work on ticketing data so we can develop dashboards in the platform just like the fundraising ones,” said Kevin.

To get started on these Fundraising dashboards, go to Pac Community!