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Nov 4, 2021

PAC Fund Data Exports

Three new PAC Data & Insights Reports are now available to you! Donation Summary Pivot Export, Donation Transaction Details Export, and Donor Details Export.

Spend less time sorting data, more time analyzing. 

The Donation Summary Pivot Export will give you the power to quickly reorganize your data so that it meets your needs without relying on custom views built in other reporting platforms. You'll be able to pivot directly in the reporting tool and pair it with additional filters to summarize data instantly and make data analysis easier. 


Top Use Cases:

  • View donation totals by utilizing several different pivot options, including Allocation, Drive Year, Allocation Group.
  • Create a list of accounts who have contributed in each drive year on one line by pivoting on Drive Year and filter on specific Allocation(s). 
  • Pair Allocation Group Pivot with Account Id filter to see what season ticketing holders have contributed within a specific Allocation Group over the past few years.

Over what time period?

This is a common question that always gets asked when dealing with data. Use the Donation Transaction Details Export to filter all your Donation Transactions by time range and pair with other filters to get even more granular.

Top Use Cases:

  • Create a list of accounts that have pledged or donated within a specific time frame.
  • Find which donors have contributed within a specific time frame and send them a thank you note.
  • Filter on Primary Donor Rep will produce a list of their donors and when they contributed, how much, and which allocation(s).

Quickly get the details you need!

Get more flexibility when pulling data and running your own logic! Utilize the Donor Details Export to export donor contact information and sort by Address Use Code. 

Top Use Cases:

  • Create a list of accounts with a specific account and/or donor status.
  • Run a list of accounts whose first gift date is on or after a particular date or within a date range.
  • Create a contact list of accounts with an account custom field value.

To get started on these PAC Fund Data Exports, go to Pac Community to learn more! 

authorPost by Victoria Ho, Product Marketing Manager, Paciolan