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Sep 22, 2021

Paciolan Community Insights

It is fantastic to have live events back with fans and patrons filling seats at your venue. One of the benefits of the Paciolan community is learning ideas and insights to help you identify trends, act, and drive growth opportunities for your business.  

At Paciolan, we are focusing on data now more than ever to help you uncover business trends and to track critical findings within our community. To that end, we will be publishing a series of data-driven insights that include fan and consumer behavior, team and venue trends, industry statistics, and more.  

To get started, we wanted to share our recent community survey results that highlight trends within the community covering attendance, safety protocols, pricing, and more. So dig in and stay tuned for more insights in upcoming communications. 

blog-eventSurvey-CA Insights.png

blog-eventSurvey-Arts Insights_v2.png