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June 1, 2020

Paciolan Launches New Community Forum

What are your organization's plans for mobile ticketing? When should we ask again for donations? What ticket and seating scenario are you deploying this fall? Ask questions like these on the newly launched Pac Forum to receive suggestions, strategies, and feedback from your peers based on their knowledge and experience.

blog_pac-forum_body1.jpgThe Pac Forum is an open forum for the Paciolan community to promote collaboration and share best practices. As we navigate these unprecedented times and get through to the other side and beyond, the Pac Forum offers the opportunity to share strategies for ticketing, marketing, and fundraising across markets, just like at PACnet.   

Visit the Pac Forum to ask questions and share advice with your peers!

Get Answers on Pac Forum

blog_pac-forum_body2.jpgPlease note that the opinions, advice, or recommendations advocated by community members should be considered reflections of the members' viewpoint. Paciolan will administer and reserves the right to disapprove conversations that fall outside acceptable use guidelines. We encourage our community to participate in this forum to share ideas and benefit from best practices within our community.