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Oct 11, 2018

Paciolan's CRM Dream Team’s Dreamforce Takeaways

Paciolan’s team of CRM experts attended Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference, Sept. 24-28 and came back invigorated and inspired. To the first-timer, Dreamforce can be an intimidating conference with more than 100,000 attendees and over 2,000 sessions. Members of the Paciolan crew ranged from first-time attendees to going on their sixth year at the conference! Here, our team recounts some of the most interesting and valuable aspects of their Dreamforce 2019 experience.


“Dreamforce is a chance for our team to immerse ourselves in the future,” said Director of FanOne Marketing Services, Kyle Murphy. “Salesforce is constantly updating their toolset to include more features that increase efficiencies for end users. This annual conference is an opportunity for Paciolan to evaluate which features make the most sense to bring back to our customers.”


1. The Variety

Dreamforce featured various types of sessions, from presentations to interactive learning, training sessions and small round tables for every subject matter expert there.


SF_TeamPhoto.jpg2. The Sessions

Senior CRM Analyst Chris Carney participated in hands-on training classes. “They were great as you got to learn directly from Salesforce MVPs and apply that knowledge instantly while getting real-time feedback.”


CRM Analyst Joseph Regalado took the opportunity to attend admin-focused sessions where other admins talk about solutions that have saved them time or improved processes, returning with strategies “we can mimic to help us with our day-to-day responsibilities.”


Business Manager, Marketing & Partnerships, Staci Irwin found one session particularly compelling. One interesting topic, “with regard to technological advancement, was Einstein Voice, which is a new capability that enables Salesforce users to use their voice to manage platform capabilities.  Basically an ‘Alexa’ command for Salesforce.”


3. Growing with Salesforce

“Attending Dreamforce not only allows us to see the future roadmap of Salesforce, but of their partners as it pertains to the platform,” said Dennis Nelson, Senior Manager of the Paciolan Salesforce team. “Every year we get a glimpse of where the platform is today and what they are building to tomorrow.”

Highlights of the future of Salesforce include:

  • Lightning User Interface – Salesforce’s latest user interface, which adds flexibility and streamlines processes for the end users in a new more visually pleasing way, while providing easy to install toolsets to make the users more efficient.
  • myTrailhead – an online training platform that could be used both internally and externally.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence will represent the next boom in the computer industry both on the desktop and on mobile, and Salesforce is already leading the charge into this next wave.


4. Sports Summit at AT&T Park

The SF Giants host a Salesforce roundtable for issues unique to the athletics industry every year. This year teams from MLB, NBA, NFL, and college athletics participated and Paciolan’s CRM crew enjoyed discussing new trends and what everyone is planning on for the next year.


5. Networking

Not only was our team able to speak with the Salesforce partnerships team on opportunities to better serve our mutual clients, but they were also able to meet with many valuable vendors that we work with or share clients with like Validity, Gearset, ZipWhip, and Moveable Ink to strengthen the Paciolan partner community and talk about future innovation.



(Header photo courtesy Salesforce  © Jakub Mosur Photography)