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Aug 29, 2019

Paciolan’s mPac App Provides Real-Time Reporting

Mobile app puts your data at your fingertips wherever you are

Ready for mPac! Paciolan’s real-time reporting mobile app has arrived. mPac gives teams and venues the power to see their sales and attendance data in real-time on their mobile devices.

With mPac, teams and venues can see high level performance metrics or drill into each of their events for additional sales and attendance data. Once inside an event, users can drill even further to view details on sales or seat holds by price level.

As a General Manager, I'm in and out of the office,” said Chris Bird, Spectra General Manager at the Augusta Entertainment Complex. “With mPac, our real-time numbers are easily accessible in a mobile-friendly format. Being able to quickly check our open inventory, revenue and attendance has made our business more productive and flexible while giving users much more peace of mind.”

mPac allows operators to view multiple venues and events with a single login, and information can be shared with internal staff or promoter partners to make communication of sales efficient and timely.

“I love how mPac allows me to view my sold seats by price level, price type and hold code. I check it constantly and often use my findings to take actions that maximize revenue.” said Alexis Williams, Associate AD, Ticket Sales & Operations at University of Houston. “Paciolan understands that the ticketing business never sleeps. I appreciate how they have taken ticketing professionals into consideration and built us a tool that make our jobs easier.”

To get started, please contact your Client Partner to get setup instructions and then download the mPac app.

mPac is currently available for iOS in the APPLE APP STORE and on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE

If you were a member of the Beta group already using mPac, please redownload the app to continue using it.