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Sep 17, 2018

Paciolan's Product Team Introduces Brown Bag Series


Paciolan has introduced the new ‘Brown Bag’ series to both educate and spark innovative ideas among the product team.

Brown Bag provides an opportunity for our team members to give an insightful talk on a topic about which they are passionate.  These subjects could be unrelated to immediate day-to-day work, instead touching on the bigger picture of how people interact with technology.  We structure them in a TED Talk-inspired format where we focus more on the not-so-obvious insight. For example, instead of talking about the granular details of being invited to and participating at Google Hackday, we talk about the secret sauce of how to ace the Hackday experience; instead of nerding out on the details of building a Machine Learning recommendation engine, we focus on the key lessons learned throughout the process.  We have also included industry experts in Performing Arts to share some of the best-kept secrets and challenges in the business. These sessions even go beyond what seems currently practical or applicable, like BlockChain technology, to talk about the possible use cases beyond cryptocurrency like BitCoin.

The key success factor of Brown Bag is really the time and space we have created to allow people to interact in a different and inherently collaborative environment. This often sparks new ideas, debates, and serendipitous insights and solutions that help with current projects.

Innovation is often thought to be a “creative” process or accidental discovery. However, at Paciolan, we know that by investing in talent, time, and space, we can amplify the scope and frequency of innovation.  Our formula is simple: hire the best people, remove frictions that prevent collaboration, and create time and space for synergetic moments of innovation to take place. The goal of Brown Bag is exactly that.

"As a company, we are obsessed with our customer’s success and continuously focus on innovative technology,” said  E.J. Liao, VP of Product Management at Paciolan. “At Paciolan, I am fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant people. It just makes sense to intentionally create the time and space for these skilled talents to interact, increasing the opportunities for and frequency of ‘water cooler’ moments of innovation.  I am proud to be part of the leadership team at Paciolan that prioritizes an investment in innovation.”

As Paciolan continues to invest in technology and innovation, we want to create the space and time for our people to collaborate and share their passions.  Brown Bag allows our people to exchange insights on emerging technology, provocative topics, as well as emerging macro trends that may impact all of us. Brown Bag sparks new ideas, creates debates, and emboldens our talented team, stimulating us to stay on top of our game.