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May 27, 2020

Payment Plan Reminders & Alerts

As we all adjust to our new normal, automated payments and subscriptions can get lost. Be proactive with your fans and utilize Marketing Automation to communicate with your donors and fans.

Automations can be set up to remind customers about upcoming payments, notify them when they have a card on file that is about to expire, and even notify them that their scheduled payment was declined.

Reach out to your Marketing Automation representative to set up any of these payment plan campaigns.

Payment Plan Reminder Examples

paymentPlanReminder-Gopher.png    paymentPlanReminder-Rutgers.png



Upcoming Card Expiration Example

Upcoming Card Expiration Example.png


Payment Declined Examples

Payment Declined Examples.png     Payment Declined Examples2.png

authorPost by Kate Hammond, Digital Marketing Specialist, Paciolan