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Dec 6, 2021

'22 Seasons: Data-Driven Digital Marketing

2022 Season Ticket Deposits & Renewals


Fans are BACK and comfortable returning to live events. Now is the opportunity to get in front of current season holders and regular attendees to re-commit to the team. There are unique ways to capitalize on sales early by using the momentum of season performance, a new coach announcement, or a favorable 2022 schedule.

PAC Recommendations:

  • Earlier and Longer Campaign Flights – cut through the clutter of the holidays, live events, and stay relevant during the off-season by presenting fans with precise information, ticket policies, and benefits! Start the conversation sooner via awareness tactics like Social and Display channels.
  • Serve the Right Message to the Right Audience – Renewals should only use CRM Customer Match, whereas Deposits can extend to high-value prospects. Customize your ads based on the renewal of a specific fan group you’re targeting.


Lead Generation: Premium Seating & New Season Sales

VT-FB22NewSeasons-LeadGen-YoungFanbase-FormPreview.PNGVT-FB22NewSeasons-LeadGen-YoungFanbase.PNGFacebook Lead Generation is an excellent opportunity to capture the interest of new customers and upsell existing fans. Utilize CRM Customer Data in addition to look-a-like audiences of current season ticket holders and previous purchasers to reach the right fans. Starting in December and running through early Spring leaves a nice runway for your sales team to follow up and turn them into sales.

PAC Recommendations:

  • All About Creative – Showcase premium seating views and amenities in your creative or leverage video to spark excitement about the upcoming season.
  • Lean into CRM Customer and Fanbase Audience data 
  • Customize your form with unique messaging and questions to better qualify your leads.
  • Easily sync the lead gen form directly from Facebook to your Salesforce Account.


New Season Tickets

Michigan_FB22_NewSeasons_SocialPreview.PNGOnce you’ve cycled through your renewal period and gathered your initial leads, pivot direction to finding customers for new season ticket sales. Expand CRM data segments to single past purchasers, look to incorporate high-value Facebook video audiences, and explore Google affinity/in-market segments to add to your targeting.

PAC Recommendations:

  • With a longer new sale period, plan to have different creative sets ready to go across all digital channels. This helps avoid creative fatigue while still keeping it top of mind. 
  • Avoid stretching your budget too thin across marketing platforms – doing so will significantly limit your reach and ad effectiveness. Instead, stick with your top revenue-driving channels. 
  • Incorporate unique fan experiences, seating options, and game highlights in your creative and messaging

authorPost by Katrina Krzywicki, Digital Marketing Strategist, Paciolan