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Mar 23, 2020

Preparing Plans and Strategies to Sell Tickets When COVID-19 Passes

We realize that this month is unlike any we can remember with March Madness canceled, the NBA season pushed, and many concerts and theatre events postponed. Despite those challenges, there is an opportunity to prepare for when COVID-19 blows over. As most employees now work from home, kids study at home, and families stay inside; we will be a country with "cabin fever." So how do you prepare for pent up demand once COVID-19 passes?

Create the Playbook

playbook.pngWork with your Paciolan Client Partner, Digital Marketing, FanOne, and eCommerce team members, to build a strategic playbook and prepare to take advantage of pent up demand. We understand that your renewal deadline might be delayed and your ticket selling schedule may be compressed. With a plan in place, executing the playbook will help you to hit the ground running.

From a marketing perspective, there are several steps to prepare to take advantage of when the time comes to execute.

  • Adjust your Timeline – Work backward from the season opener, adjusting your cadence of renewals, seasons, packages, and singles campaigns to create an alternative marketing timeline.
    • If you plan to launch all products at the same time this year, use web nurturing to automate email messaging around the products that people are showing interest in.
  • Blog Graphic 2.pngGet Creative – Your message may have a different tone this year, but building things in advance and preparing to connect the right message to the right audience will be vital to acting fast.
  • Warm Up Owned Media – Google Analytics data shows website traffic dipping. Your organic social, YouTube and website content are powerful tools to tell your story and keep your customers engaged.
    • Use this time to pivot from product marketing to content marketing. Lean into KPI's of subscribers, followers, social engagements, and lead generation.
  • Leverage Your Cookie Pool Data – Your customers are craving content. When they visit your owned media, you build a strong cookie pool of interest to remarket to those audiences.
  • cal.pngMonitor High-Value Pages – See which customers are visiting your schedule, season ticket, or other high-value pages. These audiences can be tracked now and engaged later via marketing automation, outbound sales, or digital campaigns.
    • Work with the FanOne team now to make sure web tracking is placed on all relevant pages, and nurturing campaigns are set up in advance.
  • Lean into CRM Data – Target last year's season ticket holders that did not yet renew, previous mini-plan buyers or StubHub buyers that purchased tickets above face value to sell new season tickets.
    • The FanOne Salesforce team can create those segments for you to trigger email and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Leverage Salesforce as Your Centralized Hub - Engage those customers that remain engaged with you. If you are slowing down on sales calls – prioritize accounts that are still clicking your emails and visiting your web pages but have not yet purchased tickets.
    • Blog Graphic 3.pngThen pass these leads qualified by sales reps back to the automation and digital teams for remarketing.
  • Build Leads – Leverage marketing automation forms to capture warm leads and fuel marketing automation campaigns, outbound sales efforts, and targeted digital campaigns.
    • Facebook and YouTube lead generation campaigns are also powerful tools to grow leads for all ticket types, then instantly integrated into Salesforce.

Although we are all impacted by the Coronavirus that we can't control, we can control our response to the situation. Preparing a proactive strategy with your Paciolan partners will put you in a position to take advantage of customer opportunities, and pent up demand when this blows over.

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