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June 6, 2018

Product Spotlight - Ballena Integration

In January 2018, Paciolan launched the Beta phase for a new Ballena integrated seat selection process for season tickets. Since then, more than 10 beta organizations have completed successful onsales for their football renewals and upgrades. This new integrated flow is the next step to the Single SignOn functionality introduced in 2017.


With the new flow, Season ticket holders begin on e.Venue and are then directed to the Ballena process where they can leverage the Ballena Map to view available seats and then decide to add, drop or keep their existing selections. Optionally, clients can also offer parking selections and/or donations. This integration also offers fans payment plans and delivery options that can be tailored to your organization's needs. Fans are seamlessly directed back to e.Venue to complete the purchase process where they are able to edit account details and payment options, revise their seat selections if they wish, or cancel out of the process.  The final step of the process includes processing the order in the back office, sending an email confirmation to the season ticket holder and updating the Ballena system.


A significant step forward with this integration is the ability to directly update inventory in your Live season, including quantity, price level, price type and order line details. All newly added and retained seats are maintained, while dropped seats are removed from the order.  The integration completely removes the need to configure or publish an application, the need to configure data in a temporary season and having to run the reorder/reallocate process.


With this release, we also made a significant step toward keeping the data between Ballena and t.Res synchronized by introducing the ability to update a season ticket holder’s account directly from the Ballena Admin tool. Operators can now add or drop seats on an order and have that change be reflected immediately in t.Res. In addition, operators also have the ability to enter the e.Venue flow on behalf of a consumer directly from the Admin tool, further empowering operators with tools and functionality to improve the fans' experience.


Walk through the new flow below:

E.Venue My Account Page - Season Ticket Holder logs into their account and accesses their My Account page.



After clicking the upgrade/renewal link, they are taken to the instructions page.



The Season Ticket Holder clicks on the 'View' tab and accesses the Ballena map to select seats.


The Cart tab shows selections and provides options to select payment plan and delivery method if applicable.


The Review tab allows for a final review of the selections and amount due.



On the payment page, the season ticket holder can edit their seat selection, edit account settings, cancel the order, or continue to process it in t.Res.



A final confirmation is displayed once t.Res successfully processes the order.

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