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Apr 10, 2018

Salesforce - What is a PLO?

What is a Salesforce PLO? A PLO, or pre-loaded opportunity, is the Salesforce equivalent of your typical sales lead lists. These can be any sort of segmented buyer group such as lapsed season ticket holders, past mini plan buyers, or enter to win participants.

PLO Color.pngWithout a CRM system, lead distribution can be a tedious process with no easy solution to establish accountability for your sales reps. It is typically accomplished in the form of an excel list divided arbitrarily, with columns of notes or variable color coding schemes used to denote the lead's stage in the sales pipeline. Without clearly defined standardization, this can make reporting nearly impossible.

Utilizing Salesforce PLOs streamlines this process and eliminates the guessing game of understanding your reps' pipelines. After filling out a Salesforce PLO template, simply email the list to your Paciolan Salesforce Admin to be bulk loaded. Once loaded, the PLOs will be organized in easy to use dashboards for both reps and managers. Excel lead lists transform into visually appealing graphs and simple reports that can be accessed from anywhere, including on the Salesforce App.

Manager level PLO dashboards have two components for each unique sales campaign. The top opportunity component allows a manager to understand where in the sales process their reps are, while the activity component below will let them know how hard their reps are working that specific list.

PLO Accountability.pngReps get a dynamic view that is unique to the logged in user, showing them only their own opportunities and activities. As reps work their lists, update opportunity stages, and log activities, the dashboards update and reflect the latest numbers. In addition, each of these reports can be scheduled and emailed to any other administrators who may need to view them.

PLOs are a simple and powerful tool for managing your sales team. However, PLOs do not need to be limited to outbound sales. They can be used in a similar fashion to track campaigns such as retention check ins or annual fund gift renewals. For more information on PLOs or Salesforce Administration services, reach out to the Paciolan Salesforce Team.