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July 23, 2020

Save Time with Automated Ticketing Bill Plan Payment Processing

How does this sound: a system that can process ticketing bill plans every day, automatically, so that you (or a staff member) won’t have to?

The new Automated Bill Plan Payment lets you: 

  • Set it and forget it. Set up Season/Bill Plan combinations once per season and the system will take it from there
  • Run it daily (yes, even on weekends or holidays)
  • Receive error notifications via email, giving you sufficient info to troubleshoot
  • Catch up and charge unpaid amounts for past dates


Auto payment processing is a very welcome feature! It’s straightforward to set up and works beautifully, so we no longer need to remember to process a payment schedule that can get very complicated at certain times.

Brent McNamee Ticketing Operations Manager, Budweiser Gardens


If you are on the latest Pac Platform, there is no need to do a bill plan process manually any longer, but, not to worry, the manual step is still available for when you need it.

Save time, save energy, grab some peace of mind.  

Get more details in the Pac Community.