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July 15, 2020

So You Want Mobile-First Emails. But How?

Fear not, you can upgrade your mobile-email in 3 minutes! Here are four things you can do now to start your pivot to mobile-first thinking.

70% of users polled will delete the email if not optimized for mobile. (1)



  1. Concise Messaging

    • Limit Email to 2-3 critical messages to engage with
    • Send the overflow content in another email
    • Don’t water-down the value of the delivery.
  2. Optimized Typography

    • Keep verbiage short and concise
    • Body copy minimum 14px
    • Headline minimum 22px
  3. Prominent Messaging and CTA

    • Min 40 px touchpoint on all CTAs
    • Space out all links reduces ‘fat fingers’ mistakes
    • No one wants to pinch & zoom!
  4. Use White Space

    • Add space between headlines, copy, and links
    • Makes text more readable
    • Make links more actionable
    • Easier to skim.

You can easily apply all of these tips. Start your pivot today, and reach out to your Digital Marketing Specialist or Client Partner to discuss your mobile strategy.



  1. Adestra “Consumer Adoption & Usage Study” (2016)

authorPost by Rick Boyer, Web Designer, Paciolan