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July 8, 2020

Streamline Ticketing and Fundraising: A Case Study

Get peace of mind by simplifying the transaction and accounting process for required seat donations.  


Streamlining ticketing and fundraising activities can be a challenge.

Xavier University’s Ticketing and Development offices wanted a technology solution to handle required seat donations (RSD) coming through ticket operators. They had a common issue: once the ticketing transaction was completed, the process to update the donation piece was highly manual. Therefore, obtaining accurate and up-to-date data, on the ticketing or fundraising side, was challenging.  

When the ticket office would process donations tied to specific seats, in order to keep the money separate, it required manual steps. This meant updates to Fundraising could take up to 3 months if bill plans were being used. At any time between uploads/updates, donor data (payments, donations, points) could be - and oftentimes would be - inaccurate. In addition, allocating funds to the right fund groups for bill plans was also a manual effort, exposing them to errors and lags. 


Streamline and simplify the process of collecting and accounting for RSD by the ticket office. Xavier wants to achieve an accurate and automated system of accounting in the back end, eliminating or reducing manual steps. 


“The reporting is easier. The application of funds is cleaner. Our Fundraising team is so much happier. It’s great having peace of mind that things are accurate.”

Brett Sanders, Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Sales, Xavier University


With Paciolan’s new Order Management feature for RSD, Xavier’s ticket operators can complete a season renewal or new ticket sale and: 

  • Receive a prompt that there is a required seat donation attached to a seat
  • Assign donations and bill plans to the appropriate funds, automatically, accurately, and instantly!
  • Apply a payment schedule to newly created pledge in PacFund
  • The system clearly marks between the ticket line item and the donation line item, allowing for separate tracking and processing

image (3).png



  • Fundraising information in real-time!
  • Reliable, automated, and immediate update of donor data at all times
  • Accurate and automated tracking of funds
  • Visibility of bill plans


Join Xavier and other clients to realize these benefits now. Contact your Client Partner to enable RSD on the Paciolan platform. For features and functions of RSD in Order Management, please start here in Pac Community.