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July 20, 2020

Survey Submissions and Forms in Salesforce

Before sending surveys to your season ticket holders and donors, consider what your service timeline looks like and what sort of personal outreach may be needed. For marketing automation customers, surveys are automatically sent to Salesforce with the simple check of a box.


*Note: if the box is checked and you do not see surveys populated in Salesforce, ensure that your form's label is less than 55 characters. If you still do not see form submits in Salesforce, reach out to your Salesforce admin.


Once in Salesforce, access forms in two central locations:

  1. Individually in the marketing activities section of an account
  2. Aggregated on your daily watch (owned accounts) or famous athlete (unowned accounts) dashboards.


Clicking into a marketing activity allows your reps to read the full survey response. Work with your Salesforce admin to set up custom reports, automations, and more to ensure that you respond to your surveys and forms as efficiently as possible!



authorPost by Chris Carney, CRM Manager, Paciolan