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Sep 1, 2021

Targeted Success with FanBase

Last year, Learfield rolled out a new data analytics platform called FanBase. This platform allows Paciolan digital marketing clients to aggregate fan data such as ticket-buying history, donations, and merchandise purchases and then append third-party data to create unique segments or personas. Armed with this data, Purdue created targeted campaigns with unique creative for each audience to sell more tickets.

Marketing Campaigns

Purdue has seen great success with the FanBase integration. They have been able to target audiences effectively based on FanBase data via digital marketing campaigns. 

Digital Examples



Marketing Automation Examples

Purdue has also tapped into Paciolan’s marketing automation capabilities by targeting similar segments via marketing automation campaigns. This example below shows two different versions of an email personalized to the audience using Fanbase segments. Purdue Starters and Purdue Families received the FAMILY creative, while the rest of the population received the second creative. The two emails combined for $24,389 of attributed revenue and saw higher than average open and click-through rates.



There has been fantastic success using FanBase data, shown below in their digital marketing campaign return on ad spend (ROAS).



  • Purdue Young Guns (34 and under)
  • Purdue Adults (35-49)
  • Purdue Seniors (50+)
  • Purdue Starters ($100K)
  • Purdue Established ($100K-$200K)
  • Purdue High-Rollers ($200+)
  • Purdue Families (with children)
  • Purdue Friends (without children)


authorAlex Meshot, Digital Media Senior Specialist, Paciolan

authorMichaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan