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Aug 9, 2018

The Digital Customer Journey: A Full Funnel Approach

One of the biggest advantages of leveraging digital marketing to drive ticket sales is measurability. The ability to identify each advertisement a potential customer interacts with before making a purchase is crucial information to have when making marketing decisions. Data is changing the game. Data collection and analysis providers greater insights into customer lives, preferences, and desires. We’ve all heard the old adage ‘less is more,’ but when it comes to digital marketing, what we’ve actually seen is that more is more. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 2.32.35 PM.png

This is twofold: both in the number of channels used, and in the amount of data gathered.


As we’ve begun launching 18-19 campaigns, we were reminded of this by Alan Pandiani, Assoc. AD for Sales and Fan Experience at Paciolan partner University of Massachusetts.


With PAC Digital Marketing Services, organizations have the opportunity to advertise through several channels. The Google Marketing Platform offers Search, Display, and YouTube, which are used along with social channels including various placements on Facebook and Instagram. Social channels now provide the opportunity to highlight unique and eye-catching creative with placements in-feed, within stories, and elsewhere. The goal is to serve content wherever your potential customers are consuming media. Some may think that sticking with one well-performing channel is just fine, but we don’t think ‘just fine’ is quite good enough.


Neither does UMass.


“Excellence in competition is somewhere in the top three goals of the Department at every Division 1 Program in the Nation, and that competition now extends far beyond the surface of play. Every day, Marketers in sport are competing for fans attention against massive corporations, professional sports, brands, and entertainment channels,” Pandiani added. “As witnessed in almost any study being published these days on consumer behavior, attention migrates at a faster and faster rate to mobile devices. PAC Digital Marketing Services allows us to add a capability to our Department that puts us at the forefront of a sales conversion methodology, which not only provides us with outstanding results from an ROAS and ROI standpoint, but totally bolsters our level of relevance from a brand and image standpoint in the digital realm.”


Ticket buyers can take anywhere from 1 to over 10 ad impressions to convert, and those ticket buyers aren’t always staying in the same place. With Dashboards, we’re able to see the interplay of all of these channels and how they complement and support each other to lead to greater results. Now, a potential purchaser may search for an event, see an ad in their feed while checking their Facebook app, pop over to Instagram where they see another in their stories, check news online that evening and be served an additional ad that leads to a sale. We are able to track how the channels work together to reinforce the story your ads tell and, ultimately, convert into a ticket purchase. We’ve seen ROAS increase significantly just by increasing the amount of channels where creative is served. The same holds true with actual spend.


As digital marketing continues to evolve, we haven’t yet hit a ceiling where returns suffer as more money is invested in digital advertisements. Many organizations have more than doubled the amount they invest into digital marketing. By supporting more digital advertising, even more fans view ads, and we are able to direct customers to your site directly. This is especially important with Search marketing as this is typically one of the last touchpoints in the customer journey and secondary providers and brokers can be aggressive.


“With the level of specificity with which we are able to target, the ability to dynamically shift spend allocations across platforms based on performance metrics, and the insights gleaned on the back-end about fans, our level of belief and ensuing investment will only increase by the year,” Pandiani said. “If you’re seeing even a penny above a 3:1 return, there is no reason to slow down anytime soon.”


It’s a great time to accelerate your digital marketing efforts! Reach out to your Paciolan Marketing representative for more information.