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July 21, 2023

The Power of PMAX

What is Google’s Performance Max (PMAX)?

Introduced by Google in recent years, Performance Max Campaigns (PMAX) are designed to simplify, yet broaden your advertising efforts across various Google platforms. This campaign type combines multiple advertising strategies into a single, all-encompassing campaign.  

Performance Max Campaigns leverage the power of AI to optimize your ads dynamically, placing images or videos with given headlines and descriptions. This means Google's algorithms automatically adjust ad placements to ensure your ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time and on the most relevant channels. The channels included within Performance Max are: Google Search, Display, YouTube, Discovery, Gmail, and Maps. 

To maximize return, Paciolan’s Google Representatives suggest layering PMAX on top of your current digital marketing strategy - rather than in replacement of. As a visual representation, think of PMAX as the mortar holding bricks of a wall together. Your individual Google Search/YouTube/Display ads are the bricks, where PMAX will fill in the gaps and reach people who may have slipped through the cracks. 


Benefits of PMAX

  1. Expanded Reach: Rather than limiting your campaign strategy to one placement, PMAX will tap into all of Google’s platforms to meet your customer where they are.
  2. Dynamic Optimization: Under one campaign budget, Google’s machine learning capabilities will automatically optimize your bids to achieve the best results of your campaign goal.

What is needed for PMAX?

  1. Headlines (7)
  2. Descriptions (6)
  3. Images (10-15)
  4. YouTube Video Link - Horizontal and Vertical (1)
  5. Business Logo


Clients Who Took Performance to the MAX

Indiana University and the Philadelphia Union were eager to include Performance Max in their Single Game digital strategies for the 2023 Football and Soccer seasons. In addition to their standard Google Ads, both Indiana and Philadelphia Union drove incremental revenue and saw high returns from Performance Max.  

PMAX Client Examples copy.jpg

Indiana University Football 2023 Single Game Tickets: $14 ROAS and $78k Revenue
Philadelphia Union 2023 Single Game Tickets: $5 ROAS and $22k Revenue  

Interested in taking YOUR digital performance to the max? Ask your Paciolan Digital Marketing Rep for more information on PMAX today! 

authorPost by Catherine Langer, Digital Marketing Specialist, Paciolan