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Jan 19, 2021

Thinking Outside of the Venue

Often when we turn the page to start a new year, we think back and reconsider our approach. Still, many of us already spent most of 2020 reviewing pretty much everything - from our personal behaviors to professional processes. 

Over 2020, our partners at ParkHub saw firsthand the crisis’s effects on its client’s destinations - hundreds of universities, event venues, and recreation sites across the US - where most operations were abruptly halted with no indication of what the future might hold. 

Luckily, technology is designed to be ahead of the curve. ParkHub’s real-time integration with Paciolan means fans can buy a prepaid parking pass through Paciolan - whether it’s the day before, the morning of, or five minutes before - and ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale can scan and authenticate that pass in real-time. No cash, contact, or even WiFi is required. Every transaction is sent to ParkHub’s business intelligence tool, which provides actionable insights on fan and donor arrival before they step into the venue. 


parkhub-blog_011921_body-2.jpgAdditionally, during the pandemic, the team launched ParkHub Safe, a suite of products designed to protect customers and staff while supporting a new generation of drive-in events and QR-code parking operations. Once an afterthought, parking is understood as the first impression of service and safety for customers driving to destinations. 

parkhub-blog_011921_body-3.jpgOne of the first clients to adopt ParkHub and Paciolan’s integrated solution, Mississippi State, has, for several years, leveraged ParkHub’s technology at a range of the university’s athletic events. In Paciolan’s/ParkHub’s recent webinar, Transforming Fan Arrival from the First Point of Contactless, Executive Senior Associate AD, Mike Richey, shared his insights.

“To be able to be flexible and deliver things electronically and deliver things to mobile devices, print-at-home and all those types of methods, was more important this year than we could have ever possibly imagined. Being able to make those decisions was critical for us.”

Mike Richey, Executive Senior Associate AD

After all the changes we’ve gone through in our businesses and our day-to-day lives, it’s forgivable if the sentiment “new year, new you” falls a bit flat. We’ve been there, doing that. But by prompting us to step back and reconsider how we do things, the pandemic has strengthened our potential for more than just the year ahead and likely for years to come.

parkhub-blog_011921_body-4.jpgConnect with ParkHub at Virtual PACnet '21 to see how many of your peers are handling digital parking. In the meantime, feel free to book a chat with the ParkHub team.