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July 9, 2020

Thought Leaders: Episode 10 with Ricky Durst

The Pocono Raceway team had to reimagine and reinvent their events to accommodate their new reality. Ricky Durst – Senior Director, Marketing, Fan Engagement & Government Affairs at the Pocono Raceway – joins us to share how they fully embraced technology to give fans, sponsors, & teams a phenomenal virtual experience.

To do this, the community collectively came together to create a virtual fanfare event. The broadcast and social media extravaganza were complete with a click-through map to engage fans with sponsors, fan Q & A with drivers on Instagram live, drones, unique camera angles, etc. With this approach, Ricky and his team delivered on sponsorship activation plus developed new ways to interact with fans that add value to the events and are repeatable for years.

Ricky also recounts how the raceway gained global coverage when it recently hosted several socially distanced high school graduation ceremonies, giving students memories that will last a lifetime as they drove down the home stretch to receive their diplomas.