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Apr 22, 2020

Ticket Purchase and Seat Donation Transactions in One Simple Step

There is now only one flow to process both the ticket purchase and the seat donation associated with it!

Previously, when patrons called into the ticket office to buy tickets, the required seat donation (RSD) would need to be processed separately, creating a pledge instead of collecting on that payment.

Now it is in one continuous workflow making it easier for you and the patron, and the RSD payment is collected on that same step. You don't need to leave the screen you are on to access a separate system. When seats are marked as requiring a donation, the system prompts you, right then and there, to enter the relevant information for payment. It's simple, and it's easy.

Reminder: RSD processing is already seamless with a ticket purchase when patrons self-serve through eVenue.

For Paciolan clients with RSD already enabled, there is no further action required. Please see more information in Pac Community.

If you don't have RSD enabled and want to do so, please contact your Client Partner to get started.