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Dec 12, 2019

Update Ticket Details After Delivery

Connected Tickets in digital wallets can be updated to reflect event or status changes

As consumers rapidly adopt digital wallet technology, exciting new possibilities are opened up for ticketing. One major benefit of digital wallets is that they allow for event tickets to be updated after they have been delivered.


ConnectedPasses-Mobile.pngOnce a “Connected Ticket” is added to a user’s Apple or Google Pay wallet, venue operators can push changes to the event information such as start time, date or venue changes. These updates will be reflected on the end-users’ tickets.


Connected tickets are also updated when there is a major status change to the ticket such as a transfer, return, cancellation, reprint/reissue or void. A ticket that is no longer valid will have the QR code or NFC “Hold Near Reader” prompt removed.


All Paciolan digital tickets are connected, and no action is required by the client to activate or turn on the functionality, but it is important to remember that only tickets that have been added to a patron's Apple or Google Pay wallet will receive updates.


For more information about Connected Tickets, please contact your Client Partner or Ecommerce Operations Specialist.