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May 8, 2020

Put Fans First: A Case Study

Unlock Mobile Ticketing with a Customer-Centric Self-Service Platform 



Going mobile in the 2018-2019 season was an obvious decision for NC State's athletic department. Their transformation journey is a familiar one. They began by implementing digital ticketing, which gave them savings by eliminating printing costs and mailing time while also offering fans a rich mobile experience. In that process, digital and print-at-home tickets became the default options for consumers. But print-at-home tickets also posed a higher risk of fraud, so NC State wanted to offer another alternative. They looked for a digital, mobile, self-service solution that empowers fans to manage their tickets. They believed this would be the next step in mobile ticketing.


One of the biggest drivers to going mobile is to meet fans' needs to serve themselves.

Chris Flores, Assistant AD of Ticket Operations & CRM

Transfer Initiation

The athletic department recognized the fans' desire to resolve issues on their own time and the numerous advantages it would present to the athletic department. What is best for fans would be best for the university as well.



Enrich the mobile ticketing experience by giving fans a convenient self-service platform to manage their tickets.



Paciolan's My Account 2.0 fulfilled NC State's criteria. Built as a fan tool to manage tickets, My Account 2.0 is a mobile-only platform that enables purchase, ticket transfers, and so much more.

Chris Flores and the NC State athletic department adopted My Account 2.0  to empower fans to self-serve and, as it meets that goal, better serve the ticket office as well.


  • Easy to sign up and easy to use.
  • Buy tickets and save to digital wallet for safekeeping and easy access on game day.
  • Easy transfer of tickets to friends in the group via text message - everyone holds their ticket.
  • Reduce staff's time spent troubleshooting.
  • Better security and alleviate game day resolution lines.
  • View data that reflect actual game attendees – not just ticket buyers.
  • Grow the customer database – recipients of ticket transfer who do not yet have an account will be prompted to create one.


NC State's My Account 2.0 users almost doubled between August and November with no promotion.

Transfer Acceptance

The next step in unlocking the value of My Account 2.0 is to onboard the NC State staff to the platform . Further, NC State plans to push the adoption of My Account 2.0 by increasing promotional activities, including redesigning the website, compiling FAQs, and inserting "How to Manage Your Tickets Online" collateral within season tickets promotions and other materials.



  1. Cost and time savings for the athletic department
  2. Operational efficiencies, especially on game day: reduce time spent in resolution lines
  3. More precise, data-driven marketing and sales messaging