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Oct 25, 2021

Upcoming MFA Requirements for Salesforce

Salesforce has announced that beginning February 1, 2022, customers will need to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access Salesforce products. MFA is available at no extra cost. Please Note: This is a Salesforce requirement for accessing all Salesforce services. Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication is not optional. 

What is MFA?

MFA is a secure authentication method that requires users to prove their identity by supplying two or more pieces of evidence (or “factors”) when they log in. One factor is something the user knows, such as their username and password. Other factors are verification methods that the user has in their possession, such as an authenticator app.

When is This Required?

February 1, 2022. Your Salesforce admin will roll out an MFA Go-Live before this date. 

When does This Mean?

Any user with a login to Salesforce (including reps, sales managers, executives, marketing users, etc.) will need to set up an initial connection between their Salesforce access credentials and an authentication source. Previously, Salesforce would send you a security code to either your email or phone number. These methods of authentication will no longer work once MFA is enabled.

Your Paciolan admin team suggests downloading and utilizing the Salesforce Authenticator App. The app can be found on the Apple App Store and the Google App Store. Once your Salesforce admin activates MFA requirements, each user in Salesforce will need to install this authenticator to a mobile device and establish a one-time connection between Salesforce and the App.

Note: Other methods of authentication are available and could include a Single Sign-On (if currently available at your Org) or a physical security key. If choosing one of these other options, please consult your IT department with questions on how to move forward. For all authentication options, please visit https://www.salesforce.com/products/platform/multi-factor-authentication/.

For general questions around Salesforce’s MFA Rollout, please visit the Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ Page or contact your Paciolan Salesforce Admin directly.

If your organization already uses Duo as an SSO service, you can work with your IT to connect your salesforce instance. Documentation is available at https://duo.com/docs/sso-salesforce.

authorPost by Andrew Campbell, Analyst - CRM, Paciolan