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July 30, 2020

Update Your Email Preferences Campaign

Sending targeted messages to relevant populations is a best practice in email marketing, but how do you gather your customer’s preferences in the first place? Try an ‘Update Your Preferences’ campaign through Marketing Automation.

In these types of campaigns, you promote to your fans that you are looking to give them the best email experience and only send messages that align with their interests. Send a standalone email to your active database and ask them to update their preferences through your existing subscription management form that lives in the footer of every email. As they click through and update their interests and subscriptions, Adobe automatically updates the responses when they submit the form.  



Adobe-filters.pngOnce you have launched an ‘Update Your Preferences’ campaign, it is essential to use those preferences to send your emails. It doesn’t do any good to ask for preferences and not honor them, so create predefined filters for your preferences to make targeting even faster.

This simple campaign can go a long way with your fans and keep your unsubscribe rates down. Talk to your Marketing Automation contact for more information about launching your preferences campaign!