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July 10, 2018

Using Audience-Specific Creative to Tailor your Campaigns

When strategizing for your programmatic marketing campaign, there are many ways to implement creativity. One way is to tailor your retargeting creative to the audience you are targeting. Web and social ad placements remind your existing customers and fans who have shown interest in buying tickets to go back and follow through on a purchase. While running a generic creative campaign to advertise all ticket types is a best practice, specialized creative may give your campaign that magic touchpoint that influences an indecisive customer to go back to your site and purchase tickets.


Here are a few examples of using audience-specific creative to convert your different retargeting audiences:


  • Ticket type: Create different ads that call out the specific ticket types you have on sale. For instance, serve a season ticket creative to a customer who was specifically looking at your season ticket pages.
  • Specialty Ticket Packs: Have ticket packages available specifically tailored towards families? Focus the creative on images of children and/or an entire family enjoying their time together at your event!
  • Upsells: Utilize your CRM list of purchasers who bought multiple single game tickets to serve ads with creative focused on Mini Plan Packages. Make sure to call out the benefits of that upsell: discounts, concessions, etc.
  • Backstage pass: Do you offer backstage meet and greets or VIP packages? If so, serve ads that show the excitement of a fan meeting the artist or engaging in upgrade activities to those who have looked at passes.


If you’re not sure what type of creative to run for your campaign, you can try out an A/B test to see which performs best with your fans or patrons! By testing your creative, you may find that an image of your head coach drives more conversions compared to an action shot of an athlete. Or you may find that the stock creative for a show performs better than the tour photos for your latest show.



If you’re feeling creative, but not sure where to start, contact your Paciolan Marketing representative for a strategy call!