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Oct 15, 2020

Using Forms for Lead Generation

One of the biggest opportunities with Marketing Automation is the ability to grow your marketing database. Adobe forms are key and can be created to fit your needs on your content and eCommerce websites. Forms can be a great way to find new fans to target via email, contact directly with your sales team, or serve digital ads.

Be Creative with your Forms

Like any other Marketing Automation form, submissions automatically append to existing accounts or create new accounts in Adobe and can trigger confirmation emails or internal notifications.

Get creative with your form placement! To get Adobe forms embedded on your content site, you can work with your Paciolan Marketing Automation Representative and your webmaster to build a dedicated landing page to embed iFrame code into or incorporate the form into existing pages with iFrame code.

Forms can also be embedded on your eVenue pages by working with the Paciolan EOS team.

Check out these placement ideas below! The red boxes indicate the Adobe form portion of the page that can be achieved with iFrame code.

Home/Sport Home Page Widget

home sport home page widget.png

Content Site Pop-up

This can be used on pages of your choice and is the most basic sign up we can create. With Sidearm, you can set the pop up to only display once every 30 days, etc. per IP address.

Content Site Pop Up.png

Schedule Page Bar

Schedule Page Bar.png

Dedicated Landing Page

You can be as simple or complex as you like with email sign-up forms. These examples show a straightforward and more complex sign up page.

dedicated landing page.png

dedicated landing page - complex.png

404 Error Page (Page Not Found) – Content Site

Great for newly transitioned websites as many page links can be broken.

404 error - content site.png

Page Note Found – eVenue

Forms can be used in several places on eVenue, include when events are no longer or sale or if a page no longer exists.

Page not found Not on sale - eVenue.png

Idle Time Pop Up – eVenue

Can pop up an Adobe form when a user has been idle on a specific eVenue page for longer than 60 seconds or whatever time you see fit.

eVenue Pop Up.png

authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan