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Mar 17, 2021

Using Postseason Excitement for Generating Revenue & New Leads with Email Marketing

March Madness is here, but don't let it go to your head. Instead, capitalize on the hype and include cross-promotion in your email communication to generate new revenue, increase donations, collect ticket interest for next season, and grow your marketing database. Check out these great examples from the community of March Madness messaging with a purpose. 

Merchandise Revenue

Postseason championships and tournament play are a great way to promote merchandise sales. These examples from Texas and Georgia are simple but effective. 

1 Merch.png

Encourage Donations

Georgia Tech has done a great job building on its content for the postseason. The example on the left is an email sent after the ACC Championship that pushes traffic to their main content site and social media pages and promotes merchandise sales.

The second email on the right was a follow-up email after both men's and women's basketball made the postseason. This email is a more targeted message promoting the program's success with donation asks to help support that success into the future.

3 Georgia Tech.png

Virginia Tech had a similar strategy. They sent an initial email pushing their content site, a virtual pep rally before the tournament, and their Marketing Automation ticket interest form. They followed that email up with a soft-ask for donations following the success of both programs. 

6 VT.png

Find New Leads

The buzz around March Madness is a great time to push fans to your ticket interest forms on your website. Michigan makes it easy for fans to see and sign up for their 2021-22 men's basketball ticket interest form. 

4 Michigan.png

Purdue took a similar approach by sending an email the day after selections pushing the waitlist for 2021-22 season tickets, a simple Marketing Automation form. 

5 Purdue.png

Grow Your Database

This example from Rutgers is an excellent mobile-first design that promotes merchandise and quick donations plus urges fans to subscribe to their basketball-specific newsletters. This is a great way to grow your database and gain new leads for the future. 

2 Rutgers.png


authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan