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Apr 29, 2020

Using Salesforce to Create Conversational Audience Segments

If you wanted to send an email tomorrow to every patron that put off renewing their season tickets until they had a better idea about how COVID-19 would affect fall sports, could you quickly pull together that list? What about your season ticket holders that have already renewed, but are interested in upgrading to better seats when they become available? Below are two of the many tools within Salesforce to create these 'conversational' audience segments.


Salesforce Campaigns

sf-campaigns.pngCampaigns are an easy way to tag accounts in Salesforce. A created campaign will automatically sync to marketing automation as a list that can then be targeted for a specific email or as part of a larger workflow. This strategy could be a great way to communicate with all of your buyers for a themed group day, communicate presale info to those who have given verbal interest, or build a waitlist for sold out events.


Salesforce Opportunities – Reason Lost

sf-reasonLost.pngAre your reasons lost in Salesforce up to date? Use reason lost in Salesforce to track why patrons are not buying tickets and use this information to remarket to them via email or through digital marketing. Reason lost can also be used as a filter in marketing automation.


There are many different ways to achieve similar results in Salesforce, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to explore these or other options, reach out to your Salesforce Admin representative today!

authorPost by Chris Carney, Senior CRM Analyst, Paciolan