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Wednesday, July 8

Streamline Ticketing and Fundraising: A Case Study

Get peace of mind by simplifying the transaction and accounting process for required seat donations.  

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Wednesday, July 1

Social Distancing Options and Resources - A Guide to Live Events During COVID-19

Social Distancing Options and Resources outlines Paciolan’s recommendations and several scenarios for operating effectively in light of the pandemic.…

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Tuesday, June 30

Marketing Menu – Options for Limited Capacity Seating

With the uncertainly for live events, we've developed a marketing menu of options to help retain and generate revenue for the upcoming year.…

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Wednesday, June 24

New Upgrade: Pick Your Own Seat Map

Newer PYO Seat Map is Here!

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Wednesday, June 17

Thought Leaders: Episode 9 with Craig Kelley

Craig addresses #BlackLivesMatter, being agile for the fall season, & the importance of communication within teams and with your fans.

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Tuesday, June 16

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Close more deals with Salesforce Einstein by allowing its robust artificial intelligence to help you prioritize opportunities.

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Thursday, June 11

Thought Leaders: Episode 8 with Zack Lassiter

Zack Lassiter from Oregon State sits down with us to discuss the importance of self-care, preparation for the fall, & new sponsorship engagement. …

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Tuesday, June 9

Engaging with your Donors through Marketing Automation

Tap into Marketing Automation campaign ideas like these to help grow your donor base and nurture your existing donors. 

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Thursday, June 4

Persona Marketing

Elevate your digital marketing strategies to better target and speak to the most valuable audience segments with Persona Marketing.

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Monday, June 1

Paciolan Launches New Community Forum

The Pac Forum is an open forum to promote collaboration and share best practices in our community. 

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Thursday, May 28

Thought Leaders: Episode 7 with Dr. Mónica Lebrón

Mónica addresses mental health during the quarantine, engagement within an organization, plus how/when to reconnect with the community. …

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Wednesday, May 27

Payment Plan Reminders & Alerts

Be proactive with your fans and utilize Marketing Automation to communicate with your donors and fans about automated payments and subscriptions.

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