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Agenda App Instructions

Here's a short guide for using our online agenda app to enhance your conference experience!

Download the App

  1. Visit the  or
  2. Search for 'pacnet 22' & download
  3. Click 'Open' to get started customizing your profile and schedule.
  4. Click "Allow" if you would like to receive notifications of conference updates.


Create an Account/Sign In

Sign up for a free account to create a custom schedule, network with other attendees, and take your event schedule on the go. 

  1. At the bottom of the app, click on the 'My Account' icon (myAccount-Icon-closeup.png) to either 'SIGN UP' or 'SIGN IN.'
  2. If you're new to the online agenda app, you must create an account to sign in.
  3. If you've used the online agenda previously, sign in with your email and password. Click the 'Forgot password?' if needed.


Edit Profile

Once you have created an account, you can go to your 'My Account' (myAccount-Icon-closeup.png) settings to add a photo and your details.

  1. Upload a photo of yourself and insert your profile details
  2. Let other attendees, your colleagues, and friends find you online. Include your social media links on your profile to stay connected. Other participants can contact you and keep in touch even after the event is over.
  3. Toggle the 'Public Profile & Schedule' from the My Account page to display your profile in the attendee directory and make your schedule public, so others can see what sessions you're attending (great for teams)! 
    • NOTE: You must have the 'Public Profile & Schedule' toggled on to use the in-app chat feature.
  4. Toggle the 'Email Reminders' & 'Email Announcements' to receive reminders from the app with your schedule and links to leave feedback on event days.


Personalize Your Schedule

View the full agenda at a glance on the app or on your web browser to create your schedule by adding sessions you're interested in attending. 

  1. View session details. Tap a session to read a full description, view speakers and moderators plus the track sponsor, and see attendees planning to attend the session.
  2. Add a session to your schedule. Tap a session and click the 'Add to Sched' link in the bottom left corner to add to your schedule.
  3. Remove a session from your schedule. Tap a session and click the 'Remove from Sched' link in the bottom left corner.
  4. Looking for a specific topic or track? Select the 'Filters' text link in the top left corner of the app to quickly sort sessions by day, subject, etc.
  5. View Your Schedule. Click the 'My Sched' text link at the center top of the app to view your schedule.
  6. Sync your schedule with your work calendar. Login to your account from the web browser and click the mobile phone icon for custom links to sync your schedule with your Google, Outlook, and iCal calendar.


View Directories for Speakers, Sponsors, & Attendees

Quickly check out ALL the speakers, sponsors, and those attendees with public profiles.  

  1. Click the Directory icon (agenda-pacnet22-nav-bar-directory.jpg) in the app navigation bottom bar. 
  2. Speakers. Click on a speaker to read their details and learn more about their session(s).
  3. Sponsors. Click on a sponsor to learn more about their services, visit their website, watch a video (if applicable), view a list of sessions they are sponsoring or speaking, and any events they sponsor.
  4. Attendees. Only attendees with public profiles are displayed. Click on an attendee to learn more about them and see what sessions they plan to attend. A great way for teams to tag team sessions!

Chat with Attendees & Sponsor + Conference Maps & Notifications 

The in-app chat feature makes networking with other attendees easy. You can quickly connect with any attendee with a publicly listed profile and easily reach out to sponsors or speakers at PACnet '22.

  1. Get Listed. Your account must be public to chat with attendees and appear on the attendee list and chat section. Update your account's privacy in "My Account" and toggle on "Public Profile and Schedule.
  2. Chat. Once your profile is public, the chat icon (agenda-pacnet22-nav-bar-chat.jpg) will appear in the bottom navigation bar of the app. 
  3. Start a Chat. Select a single attendee, or select multiple at once and create a group chat. You can send text-only messages or include a photo or file (using the “+” symbol to the left of the text box).
  4. Add/Remove Others on Chat. Click the info button in the upper right corner to add or remove attendees from the chat. 
  5. Session Map.  Click the info button (agenda-pacnet22-nav-bar-chat.jpg) and then "Session Map" to view a map of the venue.
  6. Notifications. Click the info button (agenda-pacnet22-nav-bar-chat.jpg) and then "Notifications" to view conference updates.