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Kim will welcome the community in the Opening Keynote with updates on the business and set the tone with themes for the conference. Keith will cover the product and technology solutions vision.

Product Demos

Follow along as our experts show you best practices plus tips and tricks designed for beginners, pros and every user in between.

New Tracks

Brand new this year is the Data & Analytics track along with the Personal Improvement & Development track on Monday. 

Top 5 Sessions

Community Keynote

Hear CEO Kim Damron and CTO Keith White discuss the state of the community, including mobile strategy, consumer trends, and data insights that drive revenue and elevate the customer experience.

Product Keynote

Learn the product vision with CTO Keith White to unlock data, leverage intuitive tools, personalize customer interactions to simplify your job.

Pricing and Revenue Strategies

Become a revenue-generating superstar by leveraging seat-level pricing along with primary and secondary ticketing data to inform your pricing strategy to maximize your revenue.

Next-Level Marketing

Build automated customer journeys and data-driven marketing strategies across channels to deliver personalized messages to unique audiences that delight customers and grow sales.

Community Collaboration Round Tables

Share ideas to help uncover best practices to better manage events, sell more tickets, generate revenue, perform your job efficiently, and elevate your career.


Please check back frequently to view updates to this year's agenda.