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Utilizing SeatGeek Data in Eloqua

Header image of the SeatGeek Logo + Eloqua Logo

Thanks to Paciolan’s exclusive partnership with SeatGeek, you have the opportunity to reach new fans and customers like never before!

SeatGeek buyers’ email addresses are flowing into Eloqua and targeting them is easy! You can find your SeatGeek purchasers by creating a segment using the Tickets custom data object and criteria that says "Salecode equal to SEATGEEK”. You can also add additional criteria like season and event code to refine the segment.

Image of an tab saying "Salecode equal to SEATGEEK"

Now that you know how to find your SeatGeek buyers in Eloqua, here are a few ideas to utilize your SeatGeek data:

  1. Create a Welcome New SeatGeek Buyer Campaign - Like the Welcome New Purchaser campaign that sends an email to new contacts who are created through a ticket purchase, you can set up a campaign to send an email specific to new contacts created through a SeatGeek purchase. Let them know you appreciate their ticket purchase and they are now set to receive emails from you and they can adjust their email preferences at any time. You may also want to provide the phone number to your ticket office in case they have any questions

  2. Include Them in a Thank You or Confirmation Campaign - This is a great time to make sure they have the best experience possible and come back for future games and events. Set up an automated confirmation with information on stadium/facility policies, bag policies, parking and venue maps, merchandise options, or anything else someone should know before the event.

  3. Add Them to a Digital Marketing Campaign - Don’t stop with marketing automation! These contacts can be a great audience for digital marketing campaigns as well. Whether you have a multi-step campaign that adds SeatGeek buyers to a shared list at a certain point, or you export your full segment of SeatGeek buyers, be sure to reach out to your Paciolan digital marketing contact for recommendations on the best way to include them in your digital campaigns.

Contact your marketing automation rep to talk through the most effective way you can use your SeatGeek data and don’t forget to reference the Pac Community Portal for the SeatGeek Resource Center and the SeatGeek Consumer Guide.


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