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pURL Solution Center

A Personal URL (pURL) is a fully personalized microsite that provides your core customers a unique personalized experience by dynamically populating content and information from your Data Warehouse. View live examples by swiping images below! 

Georgia Bulldog Football

Personalized with Rewards Content

Premium Mobile Experience!

Premium Mobile Experience!


Our "Highlight" layout solution features full-width images and a top-anchored navigation. This is our most popular solution. It features beautiful, high resolution imagery and branding.  

NC State Basketball

Share Valuable Information

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

Personalized Content!

TCU Mens Basketball

Game Plan 

Our "Game Plan" layout solution features a non-scrolling layout. Navigation is offered at the footer of the screen. Content is displayed within the space provided.

Playhouse Square

Sidebar Displays Account Details

USC Renewal pURL

Sidebar Shows Account Representative Info

Game Plan w/ Sidebar

Our "Game Plan with Sidebar" layout solution also features a non-scrolling layout. A Sidebar section is permanently displayed so the user can easily preview valuable information.

Ready to Get Started?  Have questions?

What can pURLs be used for?

  • Season Ticket Renewals 
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Seat Upgrades
  • Customer Information Hubs
  • And more!

How long does it take to build a pURL?

  • Average 6-10 weeks*
    • Development timelines vary due to high demand during peak seasons
  • Requires hands-on collaboration between your team and our team
  • Includes several rounds of drafts and revisions
  • For a faster turnaround, we recommend using one of our Layout Solutions
  • Custom work will require a longer production schedule

What are the advantages?

  • Increased engagement!
  • Creative way to utilize customer data from your database 
  • Embedded Web Tracking allows you to monitor customer's activity
  • Cultivate additional automated campaigns
  • Provides a modern, digital method of engagement! 

How do I get started?

  • Fill out the form below
  • Contact your Digital Marketing Specialist (if you are a client)
  • Look at our examples and how they may apply to your needs
  • Identify your 3 main goals for the project

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