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Ballena Toolkit

Renewal campaign over?  Venue renovations complete?  This toolkit will help you learn the operational, use case, and marketing strategies that are available with the Ballena product.  Use this guide to understand how to be able to collaborate all Ballena & Paciolan products to serve your customers the best experience possible.




Ballena Clients




Preparing to Launch Your Selection Process



Seat Selection Process Preparation Timeline:


  • General Information and Functionality Call: 2-3 months prior
  • Back Office Setups: 1-2month prior at the minimum.
  • Marketing Automation Emails Setup: 1-2 month prior
  • Final data: 1-2 week before wanting the site to be live.

Seats3D Modeling Updates: (Timelines could vary)


  • Text and/or pricing updates can be made at any time.
  • 2 months: Signage updates (client provided graphics)
  • 3 months: Seat or small structure updates (Example: Partial endzone)
  • 5 months: Full endzone/sideline renovations or larger

Please note the timelines above are all based on availability and once all of the references have been received.

Documents & Reports


eQuery Reports to utilize:


  • Customer Manifest
  • Price Matrix
  • Seat Manifest
  • Unallocated Seat Manifest
  • Pre-allocated Seat Manifest

All reports above will be available in your eQuery instance and will be reviewed by your Ballena Project Coordinatory.  Please contact your Ballena Project Coordinator for any questions or additional data/information requests.

Integration Setup



What to prepare:


  • Ballena Integration Setup Guide
  • Coordinate the following items with your Ballena Project Coordinator to replicate what currently exists in your database:
    • Payment plans
    • Delivery methods
    • Order charges
    • Seatblock display


Product Functionality


Building your business logic:


  • Individual timeslot capabilities based on your prioritization model to help segment selection dates and times at high volumes across your desired time period.
  • Real-Time Availability (RTA) allows customers to access live inventory throughout selection process.
  • Required Seat Donation (RSD) integration allows clients to collect fundraising transactions during sales flow.
  • Restrict your customers, inventory and sales rules based on varied restrctions set forth by your business logic:
    • Customer Types
    • Price Types
    • Membership / Giving Level Restrictions
    • Inventory availability
  • Additional messaging opportunities can assist in providing more transparency to each customer during their experience.
    • Ex. Current account status or balance


Please contact your Ballena Project Coordinator for any questions regarding any items noted above.



Learning Center Series Archives



Testimonials & Use Cases

Once you have an operational plan of action, it is time to market and promote renewals and new sales. Check out these resources below to help build your marketing plan for 2021.








Maximizing the Online Experience

Segment your target population and customize messaging based on what you know about their actions in 2020. You should talk to someone who donated their 2020 balance differently than someone who asked for a refund in 2020. Check out these tips for each segment below.

Online PYO Seat Map Integration

  • Embed your Seats3D images into your eVenue PYO maps for your Ballena integrated venues to give your customers access to the 3D seat views when purchasing new sales online.
  • Providence PYO.jpg

Please contact your eCommerce Specialist and/or your Ballena Representative to assist in adding these images to your PYO maps.

Seats 3D Site

  • Update your Seats3D sites with current pricing, naming conventions (venue or sections), and other messaging you may desire to have on the site.
  • Seats3D sites are able to house Live Chat products to assist as customers browse your venue.
  • Miami Live Chat.jpg
  • Please contact your Ballena Representative to assist with any necessary or desired updates you may have for your Seats3D site(s).

Premium Seating Areas

Seat Selection Websites

To further drive the importance of the seat selection process to your customers, clients build and manage dedicated websites that provide timelines, pricing, instructions and other valuable information.  The ability to push customers to a "hub" can create an easy route or starting point to keep all customers informed and prepared.  Here are a few client examples to review to see if this practice would align with your upcoming strategy.


Client Use Cases

University of Nebraska

Seat Relocation Process (Annual) - Men's Basketball

The University of Nebraska provides an annual seat relocation process to their men's basketball season ticket holders.  Nebraska Men's Basketball season tickets are in high demand, and therefore the Ballena tool allows for a simple and customer-friendly experience to show available inventory and drive conversions with the interactive 3D views.  This tool allows for the Cornhuskers to continue to sell out of inventory annually and also driving additional seat sales or upgrades to their customers.  

Nebraska Seat Selection.jpg

University of Pittsburgh

Seat Relocation Process with Parking (Annual) - Men's Basketball

The University of Pittsburgh provides an annual seat relocation process to their men's basketball season ticket holders and includes the opportunity to relocate parking within the same experience.  This allows for Pittsburgh to easily provide their customers to relocate and/or upgrade their season tickets and parking based on priority in a single transaction and help attract increased revenue in both areas.

Pittsburgh Seat Relocation with Parking.jpg

Louisiana State University

Parking Relocation Process (Annual) - Football

LSU provides an annual parking relocation process to their football season ticket holders to assist in managing a high demand process and accurately communicating available inventory in real-time for all customers.  This allows for consistent transparency and education of remaining options and to encourage LSU's customers to participate in the process to garner the best available parking for the upcoming season.

LSU Parking.jpg

University of Kansas

Annual Reseat of Entire Venue - Men's Basketball

The University of Kansas reseats Allen Fieldhouse annually to help maintain the integrity of the donor priority system of the Williams Education Fund.  With high demand annually and a consistent timeline, KU is able to drive donors and ticket holders through the Ballena experience seamlessly and increase conversions while maintaining integrity with detailed selection time breakdowns.

Kansas Reseat.jpg

University of Southern California

Post Renovation Reseat of Entire Venue - Football

The University of Southern California faced a renovation to the Coliseum in 2019, and with the large affect to many seating areas, USC utilized Ballena to drive donors and ticket holders through a prioritized seat selection campaign.  This allowed customers to view the upcoming venue changes virtually, and well in advance of actual completion, to allow for dedicated time to educate, promote, and secure seat selections prior to the upcoming season.

USC Renovation.jpg

University of Michigan

Single Seat Upsell Selection Process - Football

The University of Michigan faced the constant issue of single seat inventory throughout Michigan Stadium, totaling over 1,100 single seats scattered throughout the entire venue.  Utilizing Ballena, and driving the "upsell" sales approach, Michigan allowed season ticket holders to view all available single inventory in an effort to minimize lost revenue.  In a successful campaign, Michigan dropped their total single seat inventory to 59 total seats after the completion of the campaign.

Michigan Single Seat.jpg

Texas A&M University

Social Distance Seating - Football

Texas A&M's solution for the COVID-19 capacity restrictions in 2020 was to drive donors and season ticket holders through Ballena to provide a seat selection experience that's consistent with their annual seat relocation process.  Using the real-time availability functionality, Texas A&M's social distancing seating configuration was pulled into Ballena and allowed for their customers to secure seating that was correctly social distanced.  Offering the 3D visuals helped drive increased revenue with the opportunity for inventory discovery throughout their venue as customers selected the limited seating options.

Texas A&M Social Distancing.jpg


Marketing & Communication

As your timelines are determined for launch, be proactive in your educational messaging to your customers to drive awareness and comfort when your selection process starts.


Ballena Communication Examples

Be proactive in your outreach to your customers, and provide plenty of lead time for education of how to access the Ballena seat selection site and successfully selecting, upgrading or adding seats and/or parking.  Utilize Paciolan's marketing products to help initiate communication and also track on the reach that your messages made by reviewing the opens & clicks made by customers.

Check out the examples below and reach out to your Digital Marketing specialist and/or your Ballena Representative if you'd like to discuss these items.

Initial Outreach & Automated Reminders

The University of Arizona utilized the Marketing Automation product to push detailed information using a structured communication timeline to provide valuable lead time for their customers.  As their selection process neared, Arizona coordinated automated reminders to help further engagement and education of upcoming selections to better the customer experience and awareness.

Arizona Email.jpg

Data Integration Based Messaging

Seat selection processes are one of the most highly sensitive processes clients implement annually as it is necessary to make sure all customers are provided detailed outlines of the process, their selection times, and frequently asked questions.  Using Paciolan's marketing platforms, Ballena's data integration can now further enhance your messaging to your customers as you push the time-sensitive messages at your desired cadence.

Below are examples from Houston, Mississippi and Iowa to show various examples of detailed messaging to their customers databases:


Marketing Examples 3.jpg