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Paciolan Professional Services works with your staff to ensure best practices are put into action achieving your business goals and objectives.

We have a dedicated staff of highly-trained experts ready to serve you. Our implementation teams work under the direction of professional project managers. Once your software is installed and you are fully operational, our customer service team supports your daily operations with a full suite of enabling tools making your experience as smooth as possible.

Our Customer Service staff is comprised of experienced application specialists and industry consultants ready to answer all your questions. The call center accepts support requests by market such that subject matter experts, sensitive to your specific requirements, can help you quickly and effectively. Incorporating best-in-class procedures and tools within the service organization allows us to better serve your needs.'

Variables that factor into the Paciolan Project Team assignment are client size, complexity, available resources, multiple eCommerce sites, and an accelerated timeline. Onsite and/or remote training can be scheduled at any time at the request of our clients. Many times, Professional Services engagements occur during staffing changes or following a large upgrade.

Customer Education Program

Paciolan’s Customer Education Program empowers you to improve your operational efficiency and increase profitability using industry best practices.

Properly trained staff is the foundation for a streamlined operation, and our comprehensive courses will give you everything you need to:

  • Increase your understanding of key functionality
  • Gain tricks, tips and tools to drive adoption
  • Improve Patron management and relationships
  • Promote industry best practices

Our goal is to make the experience of using our products as efficient and user-friendly as possible. These classes offer you the ability to utilize our knowledge and experience to make you more self-sufficient and create your own best practices for your organization.

These classes are ideal for:

  • New employee training
  • Refresher training to re-familiarize yourself with current and new products
  • Focused training to meet your specific needs

PAC Mail Resource Center

Paciolan’s PAC Mail Resource Center is a valuable resource for our clients to quickly access video tutorials on how to perform specific tasks within PAC Mail.

Access Resource Center

The PAC Mail Resource Center is designed for our clients and is password protected.  Please contact your Client Partner or PAC Mail specialist for access.

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