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The University of North Texas Sees Remarkable Growth in Just One Year

The University of North Texas came to Paciolan looking to grow their online ticket sales and donations for their Mean Green Scholarship Fund. UNT was ready to gain more control of their ticket inventory and revenue by arming themselves with enhanced ticketing and fundraising options. They were determined to work proactively with the Paciolan team to drive rapid results.

Real Results

In addition to streamlining their user experience by switching to the Paciolan platform,  UNT got aggressive with strategic initiatives – and it worked.

In their first year on the Paciolan platform, UNT's total athletic ticket revenue grew by 22% and Mean Green Scholarship Fund donations improved by 20%.

UNT also saw 56% of their football single tickets sold online with 86% of those delivered digitally. These impressive results and UNT's drive to maximize every opportunity earned them Paciolan's coveted “Newcomer of the Year” award at PACnet '19.

Teamed up for Success

UNT was paired up with a team of Paciolan implementation experts to ensure a seamless transition to the platform.  A Paciolan Client Partner and Ecommerce Operations Specialist have been with them every step of the way to advise on strategy and execution, helping UNT make the most of what the Paciolan platform has to offer.

Strategic Partnerships

UNT worked with Paciolan’s partners StubHub and Experience to extend their reach and engage fans.

These partnerships drove 15% of UNT’s football single ticket sales.

Upsell Success

UNT implemented an online upsell strategy to take advantage of every step in the consumer purchase process to give fans opportunities to buy or donate more.

  • A single pre-event parking upsell placement drove $54,000+ in additional revenue.
  • The 110% Champion campaign resulted in nearly $297K in additional annual support.