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College Athletics

As the largest primary ticketing company in college athletics with 125+ college clients, no one understands your business better. We wake up every day thinking about how to help you sell more tickets, grow donations, and enhance the fan experience.

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Consumer Friendly Experience

Our fan-friendly, mobile technology enables your customers to manage their ticketing experience, making it easy to select their seats, buy tickets, and enter your venue using their mobile ticket.

Fans gain access to convenient features including interactive seat maps to pick their own seats, increasing conversions and sales. Mobile ticketing and account management features enable fans to transfer tickets and manage every aspect of their accounts with ease.


  • Sell more tickets through an intuitive mobile purchase process.
  • Increase conversions with an integrated pick-your-own seat map.
  • Brand mobile tickets with customized Apple Wallet options.


Build Events, Manage Relationships, Sell Tickets

Paciolan’s industry-leading event management platform enables you to sell seats and serve customers efficiently through a powerful reserved-seat ticketing solution.

Building and managing events is made easy with intuitive ticketing and sales tools to fill your venue and maximize revenue. Our integrated platform gives you a 360 degree view of your customers to create packages and programs tailored to their needs.


  • Manage all customer insights including ticket sales, donations, attendance, and demographics, stored in a single database.
  • Set up events, manage inventory and provide flexible ticketing and pricing types utilizing intuitive processes and tools.
  • Sell more tickets and grow revenue with powerful event management and ticket sales features.


Raise the Bar on Fundraising

Exceed development expectations with integrated fundraising tools.

Paciolan’s integrated ticketing and fundraising solutions work seamlessly to empower your development office with easy-to-access donor tools and impactful fundraising functionality.


  • Integrate required gifts within a season ticket renewal or premium sale to make it easy for your most valued fans and donors to contribute to your organization.
  • Gain real-time access to account data, ticketing and parking information, donation summaries, transaction history, membership levels, priority points, and more.
  • View donor data on the go with responsive design features that enable your staff to make the most of their time and donor visits. 


Reach More Fans and Sell Seats

Maximize your reach with broad distribution partners that complement your ticketing strategy to drive sales.

Make sure your tickets are available to your fans, wherever they may be. The partnership program gives teams access to specialized tools and technologies to acquire new fans and sell more tickets across a variety of digital, mobile, and social channels.


  • Fill your stands with new fans and achieve maximum revenue potential with innovative distribution partnerships.
  • Reach fans through primary and secondary ticket sales and distribution channels with our industry leading StubHub partnership.
  • Leverage a comprehensive, omni-channel distribution strategy to acquire more fans and sell tickets.


Deliver the Right Message to the Right Fan at the Right Time

Connect with your fans, customize engagement, and ensure improved sales with our digital marketing services.

The Paciolan suite of digital marketing services enables you to acquire new fans and remarket to existing ones to fuel your purchase funnel and maximize ticket sales.


  • Deliver efficient digital marketing campaigns to engage fans throughout the customer journey across multiple digital disciplines.
  • Leverage programmatic technology to reach fans and donors, convert interested customers, and drive ticket sales.
  • Maximize revenue and reach with extensive partnerships with Google, Facebook, and other performance marketing technology leaders.
  • Optimize your campaigns with our consultative services that provide a turnkey solution to engage your fans.

Marketing Automation + CRM

Personalize Communication with Highly Intelligent Technologies

Create, deploy, and automate customized campaigns to nurture leads, engage and retain fans.

Rich CRM and marketing automation technologies combine to form a holistic solution to grow relationships by engaging targeted fans with customized messages. 


  • Generate qualified leads for sales and retention teams through Salesforce CRM.
  • Empower your staff with tools to grow season ticket sales, multi-packs, single tickets, and acquire new donors.
  • Provide your core fans a custom experience (Personalized URLs) by dynamically populating content unique to them with marketing automation.
  • Deliver personalized messages tailored to each fan based on behavior or pre-triggered events.


The Perfect Pairing of Data and Analysis

Set yourself up for success with rich business intelligence derived from your organization’s data.

View your organization’s key metrics with visual dashboards and reporting that includes ticket sales, fundraising, marketing, attendance, and customer behavior. 


  • Better measure performance across all key aspects of your organization.
  • Analyze revenue streams and sales versus annual budget or historical data for deeper insights into your business.
  • Identify trends to tailor programs that maximize your sales growth and enhance the customer experience.
  • Efficiently make informed, data-driven decisions in real time to impact your bottom line.

Student Ticketing

Enabling Easy Access for Student Ticketing

No two schools are alike, so Paciolan’s powerful student ticketing process allows you to manage communication, ticketing, and delivery uniquely suited to your students' needs.

Manage student ticketing through a variety of tools to efficiently fill your student section.


  • Award priority points to students based on class level, attendance, or other status.
  • Provide all access pass programs to give students tickets to all relevant sports tied to their student ID.
  • Deliver tickets 100% digitally to their phone.

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