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Oct 26, 2021

Stay in the Loop with Email Groups

What is an Email Group?

It's one of the first decisions you make when creating your email design. Think of them as "categories" or "classifications" for each email you send out. Email groups are intended to be your patrons' preferred types of communications. For example, if you are sending a fundraising email out to a specific group of ticket holders, this email group could be classified as a 'Fundraising' email. The email would still be sent to the segment you created with those ticket holders; however, it will NOT send to those who explicitly opted out of the 'Fundraising' email group. Those contacts may not be globally opted out, but at some point, they stated that they do not want to receive fundraising emails (maybe they only selected to receive event recaps and special offers instead)

When looking at your contact details in Eloqua, an email group marked as 'no status' is an implicit opt-in. Contacts with implicit opt-ins can still be targeted for that email group, as long as they're included in the segment you created. 

In the screenshot below, you can see how the 'no status' fields look in Eloqua. For example, this contact can still technically receive emails using the 'Ticket & Gameday Information' and 'Wild 365 Updates & Account Information' email groups, but only if included in the segment. Usually, email groups that show 'no status' are hidden and not displayed on any forms. We recommend keeping any' renewal groups' hidden so that no one misses any important emails on renewals, etc. Keep in mind that if a contact is globally opted out, they will not receive ANY communications, no matter their email group status. 

What you see:

What You See Screenshot.PNG

What your customers see:

What Your Customers See Screenshot.png

Final Reminders

  • Your email will only be sent to those in your segment, not everyone who subscribed to an email group.
  • Though you technically can create a filter based on who is subscribed to a specific email group, email groups are NOT the same as a segment. Segments are groups of contacts generated based on filter criteria and contact lists. Email groups are the types of emails you send, which allow you to be transparent with your customers about the unsubscribe options instead of only providing them with a global opt-out option.

For more information on email groups, please visit the Eloqua Help Center.

authorPost by Kate Hammond, Marketing Automation Strategist, Paciolan