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Seats Filled, Fans Thrilled: The 2023-24 College Hoops Ticketing Highlights

Women’s Basketball Engagement Eclipses Expectations:

Women's basketball experienced meteoric growth this season, with Paciolan's digital ticketing technology playing a key role in enhancing fan experience and driving revenue. 

In the last year, women's basketball saw unprecedented fan engagement, with a 30% swell in attendance and over 2.8 million fans cheering from the stands. Season ticket holders grew by 20%, a solid affirmation of loyalty and excitement for the sport. Single ticket revenue? A slam dunk at a 40% increase, netting over $12 million. 

College Basketball Fans Embrace Intuitive Ticketing Tech: 

Zooming out to look at college basketball as a whole, it's clear that digital ticketing adoption drives gameday success. The smooth purchase flow allows fans to easily buy tickets and intuitively add their tickets to a digital wallet. This convenience led to a 40% increase in fans arriving at the venue with tickets in their mobile wallets, improving gameday readiness and streamlining entry. If plans change, Paciolan's transfer process ensures that seats stay filled and fan energy remains high. This past season alone, more than 2.5 million fans attended games with transferred tickets. Even more exciting, over 1 in 10 of these transfers brought new fans into the fold, yielding more than 360,000 new accounts for marketing and engagement opportunities

As evident from the data, there’s a lot to celebrate with the continued adoption of digital ticketing, and importantly, a bright future for women's basketball as an area for revenue growth and fan engagement across the country. As the sport continues to thrive, Paciolan will be there every step of the way, ensuring that every cheer, every game, and every dream is a few taps away.



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