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Refresh Your CRM: Paciolan's Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring has sprung! While many are busy tackling dusty corners and overflowing closets, here at Paciolan, we like to take the time to clean up our Salesforce orgs.

Just like a cluttered home can dampen your spirits, a cluttered CRM can cause fatigue and frustration with your sales team. Why do old reps still own accounts? Why are my reports showing opportunities from years ago? When did these Dashboards get so cluttered? Taking the time to clean up old opportunities, audit your users, and roll over your dashboards will leave you feeling refreshed for a big summer of sales.

Deep cleaning your data can provide a lot of benefits for your sales pipeline. By closing out old opportunities, you can more effectively determine how your campaigns have performed. How much total revenue did you bring in from lapsed season ticket holders vs. SeatGeek buyers? How many years do you need to go back on single game buyers before the return isn’t worth the effort? If you aren’t closing and evaluating old opportunity campaigns, you are possibly missing out on vital insights.

It is important to periodically audit your Salesforce users, and now is as good a time as ever! If you have staff members who have left your organization or are simply not using Salesforce, you should deactivate those logins and repurpose them for other users. It’s not simply a matter of making sure your licenses are being fully utilized, it is also a best practice to maintain the security of your data. Once you deactivate a user, there is still more clean up to be done. Does this user still own accounts? Do they have open opportunities or incomplete tasks? As a best practice, when a user leaves you should deactivate them and transfer any of their accounts or open opportunities and tasks to the new user taking their place.

With the Dynamic PLO and Pipeline dashboard, it can be easy to add new lists to the drop down and ignore any previous lists you may no longer be working on. However, that drop down has a limit of 50 lists. As you enter your new sales cycle, take some time to make sure that the Opportunity Owner and List drop downs are relevant to who your reps are and what they are working on. You may have other dashboards as well to refresh. Not seeing any cart abandonments of high value marketing activities for your current season? These are campaigns that should be rolled over as well. Do you have season specific reports or goals? You’ll be thanking yourself the next time you need to view them if you roll them over now.

These are just a few simple but effective strategies to make sure your Salesforce org is clean and optimized. By working with your Salesforce admin to implement them, you can head into the 2024-25 season knowing you are ready to hit the ground running.

If you are looking for a even deeper clean, check out Paciolan's MDM solution to dedupe and declutter your instance!



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