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Reach the Right Fans With Eloqua’s Segmentation Tool

It is easy to fall into the trap of sending emails to as many people as possible, hoping you get lots of clicks and conversions.

However, more isn’t always better, as that can result in increased opt-outs and your most important messaging getting lost. So instead, use Eloqua’s robust segmentation tool to target your fans better and send the right message to the right people. Here are three ways to refine and enhance your segmentation strategy:

Order History Targeting

Using customers’ order history, you can advertise upcoming events to people who have previously purchased tickets to similar events in the past. For example, promote your football single-game tickets to fans who have bought football tickets before, or send an email about next month’s comedy show to patrons who have attended previous comedy shows at your venue. Using the Has Linked Contact in Custom Object filter, you can create a filter for fans who have purchased tickets in a past season or specific past events.

Behavior-Based Targeting

Eloqua allows you to create filters based on fans who have clicked on emails, visited specific web pages, and more. Utilize these filtering options by creating segments based on fans who are most engaged and have shown interest in your teams or events. Want to send an email about Women’s Basketball season tickets? Try using the Visited Websites filter and targeting fans who have recently visited your Women’s Basketball roster, schedule, or press releases.

You can also use the Clicked Specific Email or Click Emails from Email Groups to follow up with fans who have shown interest in certain products or categories. Additionally, you can write an exclusion filter for fans who have NOT opened or clicked emails to remove people who may be uninterested in certain events or communications.

Interests and Subscriptions

Subscriptions are stored as Email Groups. Using the Subscribed to Groups filter, you can target fans who have requested to receive that communication category. For example, you can target fans who opted in on a specific day or during a particular time or choose “As of Now” to include all fans subscribed to that email group.

Interests are stored on the contact level, so using the Compare Contact Fields filter, select the interest you’d like to target. The criteria should be exactly 1 (Eloqua uses the binary, so 1 means yes or no). This will pull everyone who selected that interest.



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