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Best Practice: Automate Your Mobile Ticketing Reminders

The importance of having your fans download mobile tickets to their wallet before your event can't be overstated. Make the process simple and easy by automating your mobile ticketing reminders all season long.

Reminding fans to download their ticket is easier than ever with Marketing Automation. The "Added to Wallet" flag is available in the system to utilize in segmentation. Include your season and event codes, mobile disposition codes, and "Added to Wallet not equal to 1" to segment fans with mobile tickets that are not yet in their wallet.

Add criteria where "Event DateTime is Dynamically Equal to Tomorrow" or "Today" to easily use this segment in an automated campaign, as shown below.


The Paciolan Client Community examples show clear instructions, link to hosted resources on their main content sites, and are generic, so they can be used to automate reminders all season long.

Need help automating your reminders?

Reach out to your Marketing Automation Representative with your email and segment logic to get started!


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