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Harvard’s First Year with Paciolan

Record-breaking sales. Reduction in calls. More insightful data. All that and more for Harvard’s first year with Paciolan. 

In our conversation with Nick Majocha, Associate Director of Athletics - Business Development, he shares what drove their successes since the new partnership began. 

Sales Soar with Transformative Solutions

Before partnering with Paciolan, digital ticketing seemed like a distant dream at Harvard’s soccer/lacrosse venues, constrained by software limitations. Almost all transactions - 98% - were walk-up sales involving printed tickets. Cue in, Paciolan. Paciolan’s streamlined online purchase process, integration with the secondary market, and easy ticket-to-wallet flow made the digital ticketing world a reality, setting up Harvard to drive fast toward success.

Harvard’s Athletic programs celebrated a year of impressive financial performance, with six out of seven of Harvard’s ticketed sports setting new revenue records. Men’s Hockey celebrated its most profitable season in program history. Women’s Basketball saw a 300% increase in season ticket revenue and the sell-out of the newly introduced courtside seating within 48 hours. 

"PAC is the engine you put in the car when you’re ready to push the accelerator to the floor. Now we just buckle up and drive." - Nick Majocha, Associate Director of Athletics - Business Development

Less Inbound Calls, More Outbound Sales

The Athletics staff at Harvard has seen a dramatic shift in their daily operations, moving away from the role of personal concierges fielding inbound calls.  With the freed-up time, staff can redirect their focus towards outbound sales.  Nowadays, Nick's inbox sees far fewer requests for ticket transfers, but he still may get the occasional inquiry: "What's on the dinner menu in the hospitality lounge?" [Chicken Salad!] After all, a touch of fan curiosity keeps things lively.

With Paciolan’s account management capabilities, including transfer technology, fans have the autonomy to manage their accounts and transfer tickets on their own, bypassing the inconvenience of in-person meetups or box office interactions. This has led to a 77% decrease in daily inbound calls. Leveraging the data captured from these transfers, Harvard partnered with the PAC Digital Marketing team to engage with these new accounts, converting 30% into first-time and repeat purchasers.

Service Beyond Expectations

Beyond operational and technical improvements, Harvard now has a team of pros to support them.  In previous experiences, services concluded after initial onboarding and training. The difference has been night and day, and now, there’s a dedicated team ready and eager to listen. With the Paciolan team, Harvard has partners to solve problems and collaborate. This extends to the broader peer network they find in the Paciolan community – learning and adopting best practices together – a space like no other.  

"The team at PAC has been an extension of our department. They are responsive. They are knowledgeable. They proactively offer solutions to our challenges. They don’t just fix problems. They make us better." - Nick Majocha, Associate Director of Athletics - Business Development

Connected Data Unlocks Opportunities 

The wealth of data collected through Paciolan’s data ecosystem has empowered Harvard to make informed operational and pricing decisions. The Data & Insights Dashboards have become a cornerstone for the team, offering a broad spectrum of analytics from digital wallet downloads to transfer metrics. 

Previously, while renewal rates provided a baseline indication of interest, they didn’t reveal the full story of fan engagement. New scanners and technology capabilities have improved gate scan percentage by 60%, supplying Harvard with attendance rates and traffic patterns to inform and guide their marketing and sales initiatives. 

The Road Ahead

So what’s next for Harvard Athletics? The upcoming addition of Marketing Automation promises to enhance their marketing efforts. Integrated within Paciolan’s data ecosystem, alongside the existing Salesforce integration, which has already yielded robust lead lists, Harvard is just getting started leveraging the advancements PAC Link offers—a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with Paciolan's tech and services.

In less than a year of achievements and growth, it’s clear the synergy between Harvard and Paciolan has the power to transform visions into victories.



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